NP 1663

1910 Northern Pacific Railway Dining Car 1663
Restoration Project

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Great Discovery This Past Weekend

We had a rather pleasant discovery this past weekend as we removed portions of tin sheets that sat behind the interior, arched transom windows. The car originally had double paned windows. The exterior arched windows were covered up back in 1921 when the steel sheathing was placed over the old wooden exterior.  I had always assumed these transom windows were removed and that the exterior steel sheathing, along with insulation and wood blocking would lie behind the interior windows. This was not the case!
Once uncovered, we were very excited to see the original exterior windows covered in insulation and sandwiched in a manner that kept it intact. The windows were the original old pressed glass with the NP's monad in the center.  Two additional windows revealed the same surprise.  All intact and all very well preserved. What a great find!!

I document as much of the work as possible and you can click on the photo below which will allow you to see the steps we took in uncovering the transom window.

Providing a 3D Survey of Dining Car #1663

Azure Green Consultants completed a 3d Building Survey of our Dining Car yesterday using a FARO Focus 3d X330 Laser Scanner. The laser scanner creates a point cloud consisting of billions of individual measurements captured from multiple positions which are then combined to create a 3d representation of the complete structure. Everything you see in the video can be measured and imported into CAD or 3d Modeling software packages. We will be posting a clip for everyone to see once the data has been processed. It is an amazing tool and one that I think you will find amazing to watch.  The link I am providing here today is a survey Azure Green performed for the popular Meeker Mansion in Puyallup, Washington. (To enhance your viewing experience, be sure to watch the video in HD using the settings in the lower right hand corner of the video)


Aligning an old promotional photo of our car taken back in 1916 with the current view in the background.

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